Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday to Tuesday, February 18 to 21, 2012

Saturday, Nancy and Charles Elkins (friends from Doug’s Boy Scout days and high school band days) joined us for afternoon socializing and another Alaskan Halibut dinner.  We enjoy our visits because we reminisce and catch up on what our boys are doing now.

Sunday, we went up to the Park’s ice cream social at 4:00pm.  Marilyn and I shared a bowl of chocolate chip.  At 5:00, we went over to Sue and George Spahn’s rig for cocktails and Sue had invited us to join their lasagna dinner.  It was delicious.

Monday, Larry and Carolyn had made an appointment to have their car fixed, so we drove to Brooksville to give them a ride back to Sumter Oaks.  Then Marilyn and Carolyn drove to Wildwood for Marilyn’s chiropractor appointment followed by some girl shopping.

Tuesday.  At nine o'clock, I drove Larry and Carolyn back to Brooksville to pick up their car.  At 11:00 we all attended Sue Spahn’s seminar on beginner computer.  Great class, thank you Sue.  Then after lunch, Marilyn took her sewing machine to the clubhouse to learn how to make sweatshirt jackets.DSC04557

And, at 1:00 we were entertained by a Mardi Gras Parade around the campground.  Carolyn decorated Larry’s scooter.  DSC04544DSC04545DSC04553

Fran allowed his truck to be decorated with strange creatures who played Cajun music.DSC04548DSC04560DSC04561

Of course, Wanda walked around taking pictures, and Wallace drove his two little schnauzers in the golf cart.DSC04550DSC04556 

There were others walking, and our neighbors even decorated their rig.DSC04558DSC04563DSC04565

At 4:00pm, we gathered for snacks with other couples that had gone to Alaska last year.  There were Wallace and Wanda Lewis (Wallace fried halibut),  Bennett and Bea, Fran and Sharon, Dianna and Tony, and Gene and Judi.  We swapped Alaska tales, ate well, drank a little, and just had a good time.  When his wine was gone, Wallace found a new place to carry his wine glass.IMG_0370

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  1. We met up with a Gene and Judi Curp (?) many times in Alaska. They full time in a Class C and drive a Honda Fit. If the same folks, give them hugs from CoolJudy, Luke, Frank and Gloria. We are in Yuma getting ready for the Gypsy Journal rally.