Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Apparently my blog was last written on February 11th.  We have had some fun, and I have taken a few pictures.  On Sunday, the 12th, we celebrated Sunday with cocktails with Larry & Carolyn Jarvis (Marilyn and I have quit drinking Manhattans during the week).  Since nobody wanted to cook, we all went out for Mexican along with the Tobin’s.

On Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, we all had our carpets cleaned.  Of course we had to let the rugs in the rigs dry, so we had to go out for dinner at Old World in Floral City.  When we returned to Sumter Oaks, we joined the Valentine’s celebration in the clubhouse.  We were serenaded by these three fine musicians.


I was able to get a nice picture of Phil & Terri Tobin, and Judy Crawford stopped in for a visit.


I used the rear-facing camera on my iPhone to take a picture of Marilyn and I.2012-02-14 MG_0348

Then we were visited by none other than Cupid. 2012-02-14 IMG_0356

On Thursday, we went to Busch Gardens again.  This time George and Sue Spahn joined Larry & Carolyn Jarvis along with Marilyn and myself.  We had corned beef sandwiches at the Desert Grill while we watched the dance show again.  Then we saw Iceploration followed by the Osmond’s show.  IMG_0357IMG_0358

We saw a tiger while we were there. IMG_0359

Today, Marilyn and I went to Wildwood, FL.  She visited a chiropractor who she hopes will reduce her neck pain.  Then we renewed our drivers licenses, and made another stop at Wally World.

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  1. Some interesting instruments those musicians are playing!! Looks like a good time.