Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

As you know, we arrived in Marion, IL on Saturday the 16th, and we had a wonderful visit with our daughter, Beverly.  Today, we started west to Springfield, MO because I had scheduled an appointment for 3:00pm at the Springfield Freightliner shop to get the rig chassis serviced, and an oil change for the engine.

This afternoon, once again we had trouble getting the slides to go out.  The batteries are fully charged because they are new.  While we were at Red Bay, we were told it was probably a solenoid, but of course the slides worked fine in the bay, so they did not replace it.  In addition, Marilyn noticed that the rear air conditioner would not start – probably going to need a new one which we hope will be under our extended warranty.

Thus, plans change.  We called the Tiffin dealer in Lincoln, NB, and he said they were booked up until May.  Since we have friends in Littleton, CO, we decided to try the dealer in Loveland, CO.  He said if we got there on Monday, he could have it looked at on Tuesday, and worked on, on Thursday, maybe.  so we are going to drive to CO, visit our friends and at least get the slides working – maybe.  I imagine we will not need the rear A/C very much in AK, but will want it in Gillette.

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