Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We have moved rather rapidly for us.  We are now at the Johnstown Comer RV Retreat in Johnstown, CO.  We spent last night in Seibert, CO.

As we passed the 3200 foot mark on the way to Seibert, we started seeing patches of snow along the north side of the road.  This morning, we awoke to white lumpy rain at the campground in Seibert, CO, which turned to rain.  It stayed cold all the way to Denver, and maxed out at 50 degrees.

The owners of the campground, Shady Grove, in Seibert were very nice.  This morning they placed Easter baskets at every RV in the park.  The treats are delicious.

We are planning a delicious Easter Dinner of steak, grilled vegetables, and Champaign.  What more could we want.

Type at you later.

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