Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today was a normal wakeup, cereal etc. for breakfast.  Marilyn did a couple of loads of wash, and I scanned some more family pictures into the computer.  Then we drove to Tuscumbia, AL to see Helen Keller’s Birthplace. We had lunch at the Palace Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop – good ruben for me and chicken salad for Marilyn.  Before driving back, we drove over to Muscle Shoals to the TVA’s Wilson dam on the Tennessee river.  And, then on the way back to Red Bay, we had to stop at the Coon Dog Cemetery.  They take their dogs seriously.  You have to prove it is a coon dog, and the committee has to view the actual dog body before allowing it to be buried there.

Here is a picture of our house at Tiffin, and another of the campground showing the size of the repair facility.

2011-04-09 DSC00888 Our home at Tiffin Campground in Red Bay, AL2011-04-09 DSC00889  Tiffin Campground at Red Bay service facility

Following are pictures of Helen Keller’s birthplace.  The last two pictures are of The Moon Tree growing on the property.  The seed for the tree traveled into space in the early 70s, before being planted here.

2011-04-09 DSC00890 Birthplace of Helen Keller2011-04-09 DSC008912011-04-09 DSC00892 Birthplace of Helen Keller2011-04-09 DSC00893 Pump where Helen Keller learned to say Water2011-04-09 DSC00894 Cottage where Helen Keller was born2011-04-09 DSC00895 Moon Tree2011-04-09 DSC00896 Sign about the Moon Tree

Next are pictures of the Palace where we ate lunch,  and a picture of the Wilson Dam.

2011-04-09 DSC00897 We ate lunch here in Tuscumbia, AL2011-04-09 DSC00898 Lunch counter at the Palace in Tuscumbia2011-04-09 DSC00899 TVA Wilson Dam at Muscle Shoals, AL

Finally, you have to see pictures of the Coon Dog Cemetery, signs and some of the grave markers.

2011-04-09 DSC00908 Coon Dog Cemetery2011-04-09 DSC00909

2011-04-09 DSC00901 Coon Dog Cemetery2011-04-09 DSC00902 Coon Dog Cemetery2011-04-09 DSC00903 Coon Dog Cemetery2011-04-09 DSC00904 Coon Dog Cemetery2011-04-09 DSC00905 Coon Dog Cemetery2011-04-09 DSC00907 Coon Dog Cemetery

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