Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016-06-26, Campers Haven, Cape Cod, MA


My last blog was on the 18th, and sine then we have relaxed at home, don a little sightseeing,shopping, eating lobster, etc..

.Friday, June 24th, we took a boat ride out of Harwich Port along Monomoy Island to see seals and lighthouses. We saw many seals, but pictures were difficult due to the rocking of the boat. 2016-06-24 Monomoy Island boat to see Seals2016-06-24 Monomoy Island boat to see Seals2016-06-24 Monomoy Island boat to see Seals.

Then yesterday, Saturday June 25th, we went to see the Adams Houses at the Adams National Historical Park in Quincy, MA. They have a nice Visitor Center downtown where you can see a movie about the lives of John and John Quincy Adams, and sign up for the trolley that takes you to the homes tours. The town of Quincy is named after an ancestor of John’s wife, Abigale Smith.

John Adams, 2nd US President was born and raised in this house. 2016-06-25 House where John Adams was born2016-06-25 House where John Adams was born, while John Quincy Adams was born and raised in this house just a few yards away. 2016-06-25 House where John Quincy Adams was born. After spending many years abroad in Paris and London, John Adams bought the house he called “Peace Field”, 2016-06-25 Peace Field, home of John and John Quincy Adams . All three home were owned by members of the Adams family until they were given to the Park Service. Back at the visitor center we walked down to the church where they are buried. In the basement of the church IMG_6921IMG_6922 (a church built by the Adams family) are 2 crypts. John and Abigale Adams are buried in one IMG_6929, and John Quincy and Luisa Catherine are buried in the other IMG_6928. As the docent said, where else can you find two Ex-Presidents buried in the same church?  .  `

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