Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016-06-15 Wednesday, Campers Haven, Cape Cod


Our month here on Cape Cod is half over.

We were going to take the Cape Cod Tour Train on Saturday, the 11tth, but it was raining, so we took the train on Sunday, the 12th. IMG_6793IMG_6794IMG_6800IMG_6801 The train runs from Hyannis to Bourne on the Cape Cod Canal.  Along the way, our view was mostly blocked by trees. But we did getnsome good views of the Cape Cod Canal, some cranberry bogx and salt marshes. 2016-06-12 Salt Marsh. The historical narration was great to the extent we could understand over the screaming babies. After the train ride, we drove to see tha Chatham Light 2016-06-12 Chatham Lighthouse, the Nauset Light 2016-06-12 Nauset Light, and the deactivated Three Sisters Lights 2016-06-12 Three Sisters Lighthouses Cape Cod2016-06-12 Three Sisters Lighthouses Cape Cod.

On Monday, the 13th, we tok the Jeep to Anchor Auto Body to leave it for its bumper and base plate replacement. After lunch, we went to take the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory. It is a nice short self guided tour.

Tuesday the 14th, we drove the rental car, a Honda Accord (we wont replace the Jeep with a car that close to the ground) out to Provincetown. There we went to the Pilgrim Monument and Museum 2016-06-14 Pilgrim Monument Provincetown, MA2016-06-14 Pilgrim Monument Provincetown, MA. Of course there were lighthouses to see before we got home. First, we were able to get a distant view of the Race Point Light 2016-06-14 Race Light Cape Cod. Next, we stopped to see the Cape Cod, or Highland Light 2016-06-14 Cape Cod (Highland) Light2016-06-14 Cape Cod (Highland) Light.

Today is the 15th. After waiting around for a call we were supposed to receive at noon, I called at 3pm. The car may be ready tomorrow afternoon. Oh, well.


  1. Nice to see the Race Point Lighthouse again, spent many summers camped on Race Point Beach.

  2. It seems like you just arrived.