Monday, June 29, 2015

2015-06-29 Forks 101 RV Park, Forks, WA

On Friday, the 26th, we left the Elks Lodge in Hoquiam, WA, and drove 103 miles north to the Forks 101 RV Park in Forks, WA. Screenshot (22). On the way, we drove past the viewpoint for the Destruction Island Lighthouse, but could not see it due to the fog along the coast. It had been clear and sunny along 101 until we were close to the beach, and it turned clear again just a few miles north.


On Saturday the 27th we stopped at the Visitor’s Center to sign up for a 3 hour Wednesday tour of a lumber operation. It was full, but they said it was clear along the coast. So, we drove south to Ruby Beach. The beach and viewpoint were clear, so we got our picture of the Destruction Island Lighthouse. Ruby Beach, WADestruction Island Lighthouse. We then stopped to see  former The Big Cedar Tree. It must have really been large. Former Big Cedar Tree, WAFormer Big Cedar Tree, WA.


Today. after stopping at the Visitor Center HOH Rain Foresty, WA, we hiked a couple of the trails at the HOH Rain Forest in the Olympic National Park. The Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Hemlock, ferns and moss were outstanding.


Hugs, and type at you later.

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