Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015-06-09 Willamette Wine Country RV Park

Yesterday, we left Lincoln City, OR, and drove 64 miles to the Willamette Wine Country RV Park in Dayton, OR.

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We needed to go to Portland to get Marilyn’s meds from CarePlus Pharmacy. There are no CVS Pharmacies in Oregon and Washington, but CarePlus is able to process CVS prescriptions.


Of course leaving the coast meant that the temperature is in the 90s. Our rear A/C started dripping water on the bed. It had done this once before, so we started looking for an RV Tech. When I explained the problem, “That Trailer Guy” said he knew what the problem was, and had a tech that was between appointments and could be sent right over. A lot of leaves were dug out of the A/C pan, and we had no leak in the morning. We went shopping, and when the A/C was restarted it dripped some water. After it cycled the drip stopped. It may not be totally fixed because no water drips out of the back of the RV.hall see tomorrow.


Hugs, and Type at you later.

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  1. We had trouble with ours in Kinsley. We were parked on concrete and there wasn't a drop of water. We turned it off for a while and the water started pouring down the side of the rig. When the water quit dripping, we turned it on and has been working great since. I think it might have froze up.