Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013

The last time I wrote was on 7/14,  We said goodbye to my sister on the evening of the 14th because she had to work on the Monday, and we were leaving on Monday the 15th.  We drove to North Tonawanda, which is between Buffalo and Niagara Falls,  where we have been staying in Larry & Carolyn Jarvis’ side yard.  Our service appointment with Colton RV went fine on Wednesday the 17th, and they identified our electrical problem as a dead inverter.  The service writer said he would order a new one from Tiffin, which could be in as early as Friday or Monday.  I started calling Friday, Monday and Tuesday to be told the inverter was not in.  On Wednesday, I went to Colton’s.  The service writer was no longer with them, and Sean had the parts department check on the inverter’s status.  Sean said Tiffin had not had one in inventory, but assured me that one would be shipped that afternoon and probably be in next Monday.  We shall see.

Since we have been here at Larry & Carolyn’s, we have continued walking 3 miles most mornings.  We have shopped at Sam’s, WalMart, and various other stores.  One day we drove to Crystal Beach in Ontario, CA.  It is a beautiful beach on Lake Erie, where Larry’s son has a cottage for his family to enjoy on weekend get-a-ways from Buffalo.  Marilyn and Carolyn also shopped for some Canadian brand grocery items (President’s Choice  cookies and Salsa plus some special hand cream) that Marilyn has been wanting since our supply from last summer’s trip to Nova Scotia and PEI ran out.

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  1. Glad to see you posted again, I was beginning to wonder if you were OK.