Sunday, July 7, 2013


We drove up to my sister’s and her husband’s home (driveway rv parking) last Sunday afternoon.  They live a mile outside of the city limits of Oswego, in the town of Scriba.  We stretched out the electric cords and plugged in to her outside 20 amp circuit.  Tuesday our shore power died.  Wednesday morning about 1:30 am, our inverter electric died.  There are two circuits on our inverter; the top one (a/c, microwave) works, but all other electrical plugs do not work.  The generator will power the air conditioners, but no other electrical outlets.  All 12 volt functions work.  I called Tiffin (manufacturer) and the tech guesses that the transfer switch or the inverter is bad.  Then I looked for Tiffin repair places in NY.  There is one in Amsterdam (150 miles east) and another in North Tonawanda (150 miles west).  Since our great friends (Jarvis) have a driveway we can park in in North Tonawanda, I obtained an appointment for July 17th.  In the meantime we are doing well with one extension cord plugged in to the refrigerator, one to a battery charger, and one to the interior of the motorhome to which we connect one at a time – CPAP, coffee, toaster, fan, plugs for charging phones and computers.  Temperatures have been up to the mid 80s, so we survive by going in to my sister’s air conditioning during the day.

I have been spending my time working on genealogy, and we have both been reading.  We will be glad when we have more electrical functions returned.

Hugs, and Type at You Later.

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