Sunday, July 14, 2013


We have been keeping busy for the past week.  Last night and the night before we attended my 50th high school reunion activities.  It was very nice seeing my friends that I have not seen since our 40th reunion.  Even though we come to my home town, Oswego, NY, once every year, and drive and shop around town, we do not run into those friends that stayed in the area.

Other than that, I have been busy doing genealogy research.  I have been several times to the Oswego Public Library where they have the local historical society’s various cemetery lists.  They were helpful in finding a few of the graves that I have photographed.

Last weekend we went to Peck’s Cemetery in Scriba NY for the more recent Forbes’ burials and to St Peter’s Cemetery in Oswego for McDonald grave stone pictures.

Last Wednesday, we drove to Scripture Cemetery in Sandy Creek NY; then Stone Mills NY to look in the Stone Mills Cemetery; stopped in Clayton NY to get some good XXX Sharp Cheese from River Rats; and our final stop was Old Evans Mills Cemetery in Evans Mills NY.

Last Thursday we drove to North Boyslston Cemetery in Boylston NY; then Riverside Cemetery in Copenhagen, NY; followed by Osceola Village Cemetery in Osceola NY.

Friday and Saturday we tried finding some Putney’s in Riverside Cemetery in Oswego NY,  I have only found 2 so far.

This afternoon we will have a family gathering and potluck at my sister’s home in Scriba, and tomorrow we will drive to North Tonawanda so we can visit Larry and Carolyn Jarvis and get the motorhome fixed on Wednesday.

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  1. Larry & Marilyn, We are near Colton RV in North Tonawanda, give us a call and we will get togather for lunch or something. or 936-714-2109