Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 11-12, 2011

On Tuesday, we went back to the Montgomery visitor center , where we took the trolley (thank you Lon) for information, and to not have to pay for parking at the various stops.  We got off the trolley at the Alabama Capitol Building where we took a picture of the front of the capitol, and one down Dexter Ave.


This capitol building is still being used by the Governor and various members of his cabinet.  The House and Senate have moved out of this building.  The House and Senate chambers have been re-decorated to look like they were when the building was first used in 1851.


Note that the house does not have desks like the senate.

The Confederate States of America was formed February 4, 1861 in this House chamber, and Jefferson Davis was elected First President of the Confederacy on February 9, 1861.  On the steps of the capitol is a star marking the spot where Jefferson Davis took the oath of office.


We continued our tour of the Capitol of Alabama by visiting the first White House of the Confederacy.  It is a beautiful house.


Wednesday morning, we fought small ants in the motorhome, and in the afternoon, we took a drive on the rest of the 54 mile walk by Dr. King and everyone else marching for the right to vote.  We saw the church where the march started, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge where so many were beaten by the police.DSC01546DSC01548

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  1. Thanks for the interesting history lesson. Those are certainly beautiful buildings.