Thursday, October 6, 2011

Monday-Thursday, Septemberd 3-6, 2011

Monday.  We left Bowling Green, KY, and continued driving down I-65 to Decatur, AL where we turned right to Red Bay, which is in the northwest corner of Alabama.

Tuesday.  Norris, the service writer, came by in the morning, and we were also assigned a full hook-up site in the campground.  We went through our list of wants during our hoped for 3 hour express service.  He said that the express service would only take about two or three days before we would be going in to a repair bay.

I worked on bills.  Direct TV had written me an email that said I had not paid my last month’s bill.  I checked my Bank of America bill pay, which said that my September payment of 9/7 had been delivered to Direct TV on 9/9,  Of course, their Customer No Service said that they had no record of the payment.  They wanted proof, which I understood, in the form of a copy of my bank statement showing the withdrawal, and a copy of the cancelled check (there is no actual check when you use online bill pay).  I asked if I could attach copies to an email, and was told that all I needed to do was go to their website and send them an email.  Of course there is no way to attach files to one of Direct TV’s Customer No Service emails.  However, I did send am email asking how to send them attached files.  That evening, Direct TV’s Customer No Service sent me a response email saying that I had to fax my information.

Wednesday.  I put together the pages I needed to send  by fax to Direct TV, and went to the Tiffin campground office to fax them.  After several tries and not being able to send the fax, I again called Customer No Service.  They had no solution, and no other fax number.  We went round and round.  Marilyn and I went back to the RV, and I called Direct TV back again, and told them I wanted to cancel my service.  I got a young lady from Tennessee who actually spoke southern which we could understand.  She gave us another fax number to try, so we went back to the campground office where Marsha suggested we try the fax in the store.  The store tried several times, and surprisingly enough, one of them went through.  In addition, we sent a copy by snail mail.  Maybe we will here from them and they will have credited my 9/9 payment.  From now on they can pay the fee for me to use my Discover card.  I will not send another check, nor will I let them automatically charge my credit card.

Thursday.  A few minutes after 7:00, a young man knocked on our door to talk about whether our extended warranty would cover any of the items on our list to get repaired.  He said he would call the company.  Around 10:00, when I was getting ready to clean our windshield, they called and said they were ready to have us come into n express service bay (express means they will do everything on your list that they can get done in three hours).  Bay 32 with Stanley and Jonathan,  they completed everything on our list.  Both living room slides work right (shear pins, new shafts, added fluid, fixed a couple of light switches that were hot, and a few other items).  We still plan to get a new washing machine when we get to FL.  At 2:30 I drove to Bay Diesel to get the chassis lubed.  I decided to pass on the engine oil until next spring  instead of wanting to get it done again within 2K miles.  Tomorrow morning, Nathan is going to install spindles between the passenger side cabinets and the counter top to prevent further sagging.

We are almost done, and will type more later.

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  1. Glad you're getting things fixed, but sorry you'll be gone by the time we get there next week. Happy trails!