Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tuesday–Saturday, September 13-17, 2011

Tuesday, we drove to Howe, IN, where we stayed at Grandview Bend, a Passport America campground.  We spent the afternoon and evening visiting with Escapee friends Richard and Joan Micelli.

Wednesday morning we went out to breakfast with Joan and Richard, and thenwalked part of the Shipshwana Flea Market with then.  In the afternoon, they took their dog Lucy to the groomers, and we continued walking the flea market.  For dinner, Joan and Marilyn baked the last piece of halibut in the motorhome’s freezer, and it was delicious.  We will have to wait until we get to GA to get more out of our son’s freezer.  Here is a picture of Joan and Richard with Joan’s birthday cake and flowers.IMAG0429

Wednesday, we moved to Camp Michawana campground near Hastings, MI to visit our Escapees Chapter 6 parents, Dave and Maureen Lubke.  Manhattans, beer, good food, and good company.  What more can you ask?  Saturday, we went for a nice boat ride on Long Lake (their cottage is right on the shore, where their boat is parked), and Dave smoked bass, salmon and blue gills for dinner.  We played Farkel each night.  Other Escapee friends Jimmy & Penny Hamann joined us on Friday night.

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