Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday–Wednesday, September 18-21, 2011

Sunday morning, we went to breakfast with Dave and Maureen Lubke at the Grove Street Café in Delton, MI.  If you are ever in Delton on MI 43 looking for a good meal, this is the place.  We left on Monday, staying at Camp Wally World in Lafayette, IN.  Then on Monday, we arrived in Boonville, IN.  The total driving for the two days was about 400 miles.  In Boonville, we are staying at the Scales Lake County Park, nice campground for about $20 per night.

Wednesday, we did the tourist thing at the Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial.  Lincoln spent from age 7 to 21 in Indiana.


For lunch we went to the Buffalo Run Grill & Gifts, in Lincoln City.  They had good buffalo burgers, some old (early 1800s) cabins, and we got to see buffalo.DSC01503DSC01504DSC01505DSC01506

After lunch we went back to the Lincoln Boyhood Home Memorial to see the headstone of Nancy Hanks Lincoln in the Pioneer Cemetery, and the outline of the cabin where Abe lived while he was in Indiana.DSC01507DSC01509

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