Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I tried to put up a post last night, but either Google or my MIFI was in trouble, and it got lost.

On Thursday, Marilyn and I moved to the County Fairgrounds in Goshen, IN. We went to lunch with Denny & Susie Orr, the Hills and the Hinmans at Dandino's, where most of us had 1 pound BLTs at $5 each. During lunch we heard more about the water fight between the Orange & Yellow Gang (Hills, Orrs, etc) and the Goshen Headquarters Gang (Cathy & Budd Carr, and the Pinner's). There was a staff meeting at 2:30, and we had hotdogs with the Hills, Orr's, etc.

Friday morning we awoke to find that the Goshen Headquarters gang had hung Dennis Hills little man in one of the pavillions. Denny Orr and I parked some of the Row today. There was another staff meeting at 3:00 followed by a social hour, and dinner catered by Dandino's.

Saturday, the 11th, was a good day despite the rain. All of the Row is in at the Escapade, except for one rig that broke down and hopes to arrive Monday or Tuesday. At 3:30 we had the Row staaff meeting, and at 4:30 we left for a wonderful Amish dinner at the Carriage House.

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