Saturday, August 29, 2015


Monday, the 25th, we drove through Thunder Bay, Ontario. Our first stop after the Visitor Center was to get a picture of the Thunder Bay Lighthouse. 2015-08-25 Thunder Bay Lighthouse2015-08-25 Thunder Bay Lighthouse. We continued through Thunder Bay to an Amethyst store to search for gifts. Next up was the Thunder Bay Museum. We were surprised to find out that the entrance fee was waived today.  The museum was a history of the area.  Unfortunately they did not include an explanation of the origin of the name Thunder Bay. We asked the clerk on our way out. He said maybe it was related to the name of a mountain that the Indians called Thunder. At any rate, he explained that a referendum was held in 1970 to merge the two towns Port Arthur and Fort William, towns that were founded in the late 1800s.


Today was the 26th, and we went to the recreation of Fort William. 2015-08-26 Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario2015-08-26 Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Our Metis (half Indian, and half French) guide told us that the year was actually 1816. 2015-08-26 Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario. She explained that Fort William was not a military outpost, but was a place for The North West Company to transact business. Its Voyageur an Indian trappers brought their furs to this headquarters to trade for personal goods and goods to be used to trade out west for Indian pelts. We were able to watch a re-created skirmish between members of the Hudson’s Bay Company an members of the North West Company. We did not partake, but for CD 5.00, you could paddle a Voyageur Canoe. If you are ever in the area and like re-creations, we highly recommend Fort William. 2015-08-26 Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario.


This morning, the 27th, we drove 30 kilometers west to view water flowing down rocks at Kakabeka Falls. We were told that it is the second largest falls in Ontario next to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is only 13 meters taller than Kakabeka. 2015-08-27 Kakabeka Falls2015-08-27 Kakabeka Falls2015-08-27 Kakabeka Falls. We drove back to the house for lunch, and then 30 kilometers east to see the Amethyst Mine Panorama. It is an open pit mine, and claims to be the largest amethyst mine on the continent. 2015-08-27 Amethyst Mine Panorama. When we started back home, Marilyn stooped to view Lake Superior from the high point of the road. The lake is too far away for a good picture. 2015-08-27 Amethyst Mine Panorama2015-08-27 Amethyst Mine Panorama view.


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