Sunday, August 2, 2015

2015-08-02 Fairmont Hot Springs RV Resort, Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

We stirred the Jell-O, and decided not to go up I-5 to Canada as originally planned. We found out that this weekend was a Canadian Holiday, and we were afraid that RV sites would be hard to find since our reservation in Cochrane, AB didn’t start until 8/3. So we decided to take US-2 and I-90 east to US-95 and then north to Canada. We spent Friday night in Coulee City, WA on US-2. We spent Saturday night in Sand Point, ID at the fairgrounds just off US-95. Today, we continued up US-95, the CA-95/93 to Fairmont Hot Springs, BC. The resort has Wi-Fi, but no over the air TV, and our Winegard Carryout was unable to find Direct TV. We will survive. We have also left Pacific Time, and have moved back to Mountain Time.


We did have fun before we left Washington. On Thursday, Marilyn was able to buy some fresh Rockfish, along with another container of Ivars Clam Chowder. She said yum. However, Wednesday was our whale watch boat ride out of Anacortes, WA.  We saw harbor seal, a humpback whale (no picture), many different birds, a lot of Orcas, and of course a couple of lighthouses. The lighthouses were Cattle Point Light, and Burrows Island Light. 2015-07-29 Cattle Point Lighthouse, San Juan Islands, WA2015-07-29 Anacortea, WA Orca Whale Watch.  Mount Baker always looks good. 2015-07-29 Anacortea, WA Orca Whale Watch.  The harbor seals are always cute. 2015-07-29 Anacortea, WA Whale Watch2015-07-29 Anacortea, WA Whale Watch. Then we all enjoy Orcas, especially in the wild, even though we enjoy Sea World. 2015-07-29 Anacortea, WA Orca Whale Watch2015-07-29 Anacortea, WA Orca Whale Watch2015-07-29 Anacortea, WA Orca Whale Watch2015-07-29 Anacortea, WA Orca Whale Watch.


Tomorrow we will move to Cochrane, AB, just west of Calgary.


Hugs, and type at you later.

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