Sunday, February 22, 2015

2014-02-22 Sunday

We are parked at Pete and Jo Peters in Spring Branch, TX.


Saturday, the 14th, the day after visiting the Capitol of the State Of Louisiana, we drove down to Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA to visit our great friends Sharon and Don Del Rosario. 20150214_114906. The took us out to eat real Cajun food for lunch, and then we went to a local bar for Cajun music. After a wonderful visit, we drove back to Frog City RV Park to get ready to move on.


Sunday, the 15th, we drove to Rainbow’s End RV Park in Livingston, TX where we spent 5 nights catching up on various to do lists, pick up our mail, and go to 4:00 social hours. On Wednesday, we drove to Lufkin TX so I could buy a new Surface Pro 3 (computer) and I gave Marilyn my Surface Pro 2 (her old netbook was so slow it was driving her crazy. Thursday morning we went on the park tour. The trolley was driven by Marv Butz, a long time friend. That afternoon. we went to the activity center for a potluck dinner. Other friends we were able to see at Rainbow’s End were Marge Dillon and Donna Clifton.


Friday, the 20th we drove to Spring Branch, TX to spend some time with Pete and Jo Peters. Around 5pm, Pete drove us to Harrell & Tommy Sue Hicks home for social hour. After some wine, we went to a Community Dinner theater. we sat wit the Peters’ and Acarregui’s. 20150220_19273320150220_192846.


Saturday, the 21st Marilyn and I toured the Texas State Capitol in Austin (our 41st state capitol tour). 20150221_12152020150221_12223020150221_12502820150221_130931.


This morning I went to out breakfast (Marilyn did not feel up to going) with the Peters’, O’Bryants, Acarregui”s, and others. Then after we watched the Daytona 500, we socialized (drank wine and told exciting stories about our lives as full-time RVers) with the Peters’ and Acarregui’s and Jo made a wonderful dinner.


Type at you later.


  1. We're enjoying every mile with you....thanks for posting....

  2. Sounds like lots of fun and good eating.