Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014-12-21, Sunday

Since the 25th of November, we have continued with our yearly doctor appointments; visited Paul & Peg Gifford in Lakeland, FL; attended the Memorial for our friend, Mike Pertick, at the National Cemetery; visited our friends Mitzi & Pete Hull in The Villages; had the rig washed and waxed; and got our new Night Therapy Elite 13” My-Gel Prestige Memory Foam Mattress – Queen.  We enjoy sleeping on it.

On Monday, 12-15-14 we went to SeaWorld  Carolyn Jarvis, Marge Dembsey and I were able to use our yearly passes to Busch Gardens for our entry and parking at SeaWorld.  Thus, we only had to buy tickets for our spouses. On the 16th of December we celebrated the December birthdays of several of our friends by getting our Baby Back Rib Fixes at the Oakwood Smokehouse.  Then we went to Busch Gardens on 12-18-14 for Christmas Time at Busch Gardens.

That’s it for activities, now for the pictures.

This is the entrance to SeaWorld. IMG_5475, followed by a picture of Larry Jarvis, Gordon and Marge Dembsey, Carolyn Jarvis and Marilyn Forbes. IMG_5478

Next we went to the Penguin Chow. IMG_5488 IMG_5492 IMG_5495 IMG_5496 IMG_5498 This was Marilyn’s favorite sign at the Penguin Show “Child Swap” pointing to a door. IMG_5497-001 

Our next stop was the “Shamu Show”. IMG_5503 IMG_5505 IMG_5525 IMG_5538 IMG_5548  IMG_5563

We couldn’t see Killer Whales without seeing the Dolphin Show. IMG_5597 y IMG_5549IMG_5644 IMG_5648 IMG_5650

As we were leaving SeaWorld we saw some Pelicans. IMG_5655 IMG_5663 .


Now for a few Busch Gardens pictures. First is one of Larry, Carolyn and Marilyn. IMG_5666

We went to the Madagascar Live Show of music and dancing. It was loud, but enjoyable. IMG_5671

The music and dancing Christmas Show at the Pantopia Grill was very nice. IMG_5682 IMG_5683 IMG_5685

Then we went to the Moroccan Theater for the beautiful ice skating show. IMG_5686 IMG_5690 IMG_5696

Final pictures are the beautiful Christmas Town Lights. IMG_5705 IMG_5711 IMG_5713

Type at you later.

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