Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014-11-25 From Escapees Sumter Oaks RV Park, Site 27

Long time no write. We have been very busy since we arrived at Sumter Oaks on the 13th of October. Here is a picture of our house on site number 27. IMG_5303.  Our time here has required several trips to doctors for yearly checkups. I started on 10/17 with labs at the VA in Brooksville followed on the 20th with my VA physical.   Next up were eye exams on 10 /24 for new glasses on 10/24 in Bushnell, followed by dental cleanings on 10/30 in Eustis.  We picked up our new glasses on 11/7.  Next up on the 11/3 we had our yearly physicals (civilian doctor) in Bushnell, and set up flu shots (mine with the VA and Marilyn’s in Bushnell), and shingles vaccines at CVS.  On 11/18 I had my yearly sleep doctor visit plus met the doctor who will do my colonoscopy scheduled for 12/1.  Marilyn had her yearly mammogram on the18th (combined they were all in Eustis/Tavares).  We are almost done with doctors for this year, barring any health problems that show up later.


The time has not been all doctors. We have had some fun too.  We have been twice to visit Marilyn’s cousin Paul & his wife Peg in Lakeland.  First visit was on 10/21, and then on 11/14 we were all joined by Paul’s son Allan. IMG_20141114_155901_798 IMG_20141114_160011_727.  We visited our great friends Pete & Mitzi Hull in the Villages on 11/7.


Early in October I received an Email from Busch Gardens offering me a free pass on their half hour safari any time during my birthday month (October) because I had purchased one of their 2 year passes. So we made a trip to Busch on 10/22.  The Busch safari tour starts here. DSC08291.  The tour is in the back of a truck among wild animals. DSC08300 DSC08307 DSC08311. We wondered which way he went?  DSC08308-001.  Why did the Zebra cross the road?  DSC08304-001.  This Stork is one ugly bird. DSC08301-001.  We saw unusual animals. This one had 8 legs and very unusual coloring. DSC08295-001.  At the end of our safari, Marilyn got to feed some lettuce to a Giraffe. DSC08325 DSC08328. We had a fun day.


We went to the Escapees Florida Sun Gators Chapter 57 rally, and have been out to dinner several times with friends. I think I will do a separate blog with nrally pictures.


One final item. Yesterday UPS delivered our new Night Therapy Elite 13 MyGel Prestige Memory Foam Mattress.  It came in a box.  IMG_5391. The Jeep was stuffed with the old one. IMG_5392 IMG_5394.


Drive safe, and I will type at you later.

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