Monday, August 11, 2014

2014-08-11 Two Candle Stores and a Bridge

Friday, the 8th, we drove to Hinsdale, New Hampshire to shop at WalMart. Then we went looking for a Dollar Tree, which turned out to be across the river in Brattleboro, VT. The traffic was so slow trying to get across the narrow bridge that we just had lunch at McDonald’s and drove I-91 back to the Dollar Tree in Greenfield, MA. We also stopped at the Kringle Candy Store. IMG_20140808_144505_933-001

Saturday the 9th we went to the Farmer’s Market in Greenfield MA, along with another stop at the Stop and Shop grocery.

Yesterday, the 10th, we went sightseeing after lunch. First stop was Shelburne Falls to see the Bridge of Flowers. DSC07959 The bridge started out as a trolley bridge crossing the Deerfield River between Buckhead and Shelburne Falls. The bridge was abandoned when the trolley quit in 1927. In 1929 the Shelburne Area Women’s Club led an effort to plant flowers giving us the 400 foot concrete Bridge of Flowers we can see today. Hundreds of people walk across the bridge each day to see the flowers. Following are a few of the many flower pictures I took on our walk across, along with a view of the bridge from on end. DSC07937 DSC07940 DSC07942 DSC07947 DSC07950 DSC07951 DSC07958 DSC07965

After leaving the Bridge of Flowers, we drove to South Deerfield to wander Yankee Candle. IMG_20140810_152813_959  In addition to shelf upon shelf of candles in jars, Yankee Candle has entertainment and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. 20140810_155447

Before bed, we even went out for a picture of the Super Moon. DSC07970

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  1. Shopping and ice cream in the same store. I'll bet I could get Bill to go.