Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014-01-01 Happy New Year

We left Doug’s house on Friday after Christmas, drove back to Sumter Oaks, and Beverly drove back to Dayton. We all arrived home safely.  Bev had construction around Cincinnati, and we had heavy traffic from just before Ocala until we got south of the weigh station.

From Friday to Tuesday, we unpacked, Marilyn did wash, and we made more than one trip to Wal-Mart.

Wednesday afternoon, Marilyn and I joined 5 other couples to celebrate New Year’s Eve (Marge & Gordon Dembsey, the organizers of the evening; Don & Sue Paulson; Larry & Carolyn Jarvis; Frank & Maureen Halliday; and Dan & Kathy Smith). IMG_20131231_171259_151IMG_20131231_171304_816IMG_20131231_171318_377IMG_20131231_171347_475IMG_20131231_171541_706IMG_20131231_171558_788

Marge arranged for us to start the festivities in The Villages at TooJays  Restaurant.  I took the pictures as we were getting ready to order dinner.  Next on the agenda was the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”.  We had all wanted to see it, after seeing the commercials for the past weeks, and none of us were disappointed.  Then we all went back to Marge & Gordon’s screen room for coffee, cake, snacks, imbibing, and wishing everyone a wonderful 2014.

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