Saturday, January 25, 2014


It has been a while.  Marilyn’s cousin’s wife asked yesterday when I was going to write a blog, and then Jan Mains asked, in an email today, if I was going to just write blogs once a month. Then when I looked to see when I had last written, Jan was right, I had not written since the first of the year.

Most of our time since the first of the year seems to have revolved around going to doctors, but we have been able to go to Busch Gardens twice to see the concerts.

On Friday, the 3rd, I had carpal tunnel surgery, and was stuck with a soft cast for two weeks. The doctor said it the stitches could come out in two weeks, but his office was closed that Friday the 17th.  The stitches came out the following Tuesday (21st), but I had taken the cast off the previous Saturday the 18th. These are pictures of the cast, the incision with the stitches, and finally a picture of the incision as it is healing today. IMG_20140121_112138_945IMG_20140125_135705_975Larrys wrist selfie

I have finally been signed up with the Veteran’s Administration, so next month is filling up with doctor’s appointments too. Three (2/10, 18 and 24) appointments are with the VA in Brooksville. The surgeon wants to see the incision again on the 4th, and my sleep doctor wants to see me on the 24th.

The last two Wednesdays, we have enjoyed Busch Gardens.  On the 5th we saw Herman’s Hermits with Peter Noone who is now 66, and on the 12th, we saw Chubby Checker who is now 72. The first three pictures of Herman’s Hermits. DSC02811DSC02812IMG_20140115_111608_918 Chubby Checker still sounds like he did when we were young. DSC02828DSC02832DSC02834


At Busch, there were lots of birds to grab your attention. DSC02816DSC02817DSC02818DSC02821DSC02823 

There were also animals in camera range. IMG_20140122_141443_655IMG_20140122_142255_320


On Thursday, the 16th, and Saturday the 18th, we drove to Tampa to attend the Tampa RV Super Show.  Always fun to see the old and new items that the vendors have.  Molly & Bob Pinner were manning the Escapees booth. They were doing well, and of course we received extra hugs. We did not buy a lot even though we spent a lot of money.  We bought a grill mat (plastic? mat that sit on grill – you can even fry eggs on it),  Then we bought a new Tire Pressure Management System to replace my non-working PressurePro system – the batteries can even be replaced in the new system instead of buying new $50 sending units. The last item we bought was a Winegard Carryout Satellite dish. When we got home I hooked it up, set on the ground, and it quickly found Direct TV even in the trees of Sumter Oaks.

Lastly, but not least we also had friends an family to visit.  Marianne and Joe Mellon met us for lunch at the Ramshackle Café in Leesburg this past Tuesday. Yesterday we drove to Lakeland, FL to visit Marilyn’s cousin Paul and his wife for an afternoon lunch. Both were great visits.

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