Monday, August 19, 2013


We started celebrating our 46th Anniversary yesterday.  First stop was the Frank Lloyd Wright-Rosenbaum house in Florence, AL.  It is a very interesting house.  The Rosenbaum’s were married in 1938, and with the cash furnished by his parents, they hired Frank Lloyd Wright to design their home.  The home was built for $14,000 and finished in 1940 for move in.  When the family grew with 4 boys, they had to enlarge the house.  The house is built with with square boxes for rooms and flat roofs.  DSC02724DSC02725DSC02726DSC02727

The walls were made of brick, wood and glass.  The flooring is all concrete.  Inside, everything was very plain:  low ceilings, built-in cabinets, drawers, closets, tiny kitchen, with almost everything made out of plywood.  We enjoyed the tour.

Next up was a late afternoon lunch (very early dinner) at Olive Garden in Florence.  It was a nice meal with a glass of celebratory wine.  Finally, before heading back to Red Bay, we shopped at WalMart and Publix.  At home, some Kahlua topped off the evening.

Today, the 19th is our actual Anniversary.  So, since we are waiting for repairs here in Red Bay, we decided to take the factory tour after breakfast.  After lunch was time to relax; do a little cleaning, genealogy, etc. Then, it was time to celebrate again with a Manhattan followed by a delicious rib eye steak dinner.  We even ended the evening with a delicious Kahlua cordial.

All in all, we have had another wonderful Anniversary on the road.  We have had prior anniversaries at rallies, Escapades, etc., so waiting for repairs doesn’t make a difference as long as we are together.

Hugs, and Type at You Later.

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