Tuesday, August 13, 2013


2013-08-12:  After lunch, I checked with the campground office to see if Norris (service writer) worked in the afternoon.  I was told that he worked until 3pm, but since we had arrived on the 11th, we should not expect him until the 13th.  I left our name and site number to let Norris know that we would not be there for the afternoon.  Marilyn and I drove to Tupelo, MS to shop at Sam’s Club and WalMart.  We were back about 5:15pm.  We still have to find a bottle of champagne for the 14th.

2013-08-13:  Morris came by this morning and reviewed our repair list.  It will be 2 1/2 weeks before we get in to a bay, so we will be staying here in the Allegro Campground.  After breakfast, I called Bay Diesel and made an appointment for Thursday to have our exhaust leak fixed.  That leak could be the cause of electrical short.  Then we went to Repair Bay #29 to see Tonya about getting the MCD shades for our windshield.  She said that because of the curve in our television cabinet Tiffin did not carry one for our rig.  The ones carried here are a straight rod across the windshield.  She indicated, and I found on the web site, that MCD makes a split set of windshield screens, so we will talk to the folks at the Tampa RV Show to see what we can do (of course we could drive to the MCD factory in McKinney Texas sometime).

That is all for now.  Type at you later.

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