Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday, November 4, 2012

For lunch, I got to do another Chick-fil-A stop.  Once again, it was delicious, and we were able to share it with Larry & Carolyn.

Marilyn and I went our own way after lunch.  She has not had a lighthouse fix in quite a while, so we drove to see Ponce de Leon Lighthouse on Ponce Inlet.  It is Florida’s tallest lighthouse, and one of the tallest in the USA.  Before we went on to the lighthouse grounds, we took a picture, and watched as this boat was moved.  They drove the boat across the road and in to the parking lot where we parked.  Then they backed the boat down the road and in to a parking space next to the marina.DSC05801DSC05802

We then drove to the lighthouse parking lot.  DSC05804DSC05805  With a coupon, we were able to tour the lighthouse grounds and museum for $4.50 each (regular price is only $5).  There are several artifact buildings, with the oil storage tanks, the Fresnel lenses, furniture, clothing, descriptions, anchors, etc.  All in all, it made for a nice afternoon.  DSC05808DSC05809DSC05812  Here is Marilyn reading a brochure, and even the Jeep contained a reflection of Ponce Light.  DSC05811DSC05813

On the way back to the house, we made brief shopping stops at Lowe’s and Target.

Carolyn has made Pea Soup for dinner.  Yum, Yum!!!

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