Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well, we woke up on the 13th of December, so those folks who said the world would end on the 12th were wrong, and now they say we have to worry all over again on the 21st.  Oh well, today was a good day for a trip to Busch Gardens to see their Christmas shows.  DSC02158

The day was a little on the cool side with a high of 70, cloudy, and misty as we started the drive to Tampa.  Here is the train decked out for Xmas.  DSC02144

The three stage shows we went to had too much action (blurry) for the camera, but here is one that was not too bad.  DSC02150

We did get to see some of the animals, including, as the song goes, some rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses.   DSC02145DSC02155

We also saw some flamingos and topiaries.  DSC02146DSC02156

Oh, and I recognize, or should I say I resemble, the ambition of this gorilla.  DSC02157

Type at you later.

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