Wednesday, June 28, 2017

@017-06-28 Out of Florida, and out of Alabama

We left Sumter Oaks oon the 19th, and spent the night at the Perry FL Elks. Their 50 amp plug did not work, so we plugged into 30amp power. The following morning, we changed our plans, and headed to Red Bay. A few miles south of Montgomery, our serpentine belt broke, so our first motorhome tow took us to Thompson CAT in Montgomery. Repairs were swift, and we were on our way again in the morning, arriving in Red Bay late Friday afternoon (too late to see Norris for scheduling.)

Sunday, we drove out to the Coon Dog Cemetery. It looked very nice with flowers and US flags on every grave.

Monday morning, about 6:10AM, we got a call to be in bay 32 to have the roof re-caulked. That job done, but we decided that we needed to have the driver’s side jack replaced. At least it was still in the 2 year warranty. But we were unable to get into another bay on Monday.

Tuesday, we got up early, but no call. At ten, we took the house to Bay Diesel for engine and chassis service. After lunch, we went to Bay 42 to see if we were going to get in. They said come on. They replaced the jack, an air valve, and the sway bar grommets. Done, so we drove out to Custom R.V. Inc. to get get the starter batteries so they would charge on shore power. That plus 2 new starter batteries plus a couple of other items.

Finished, and we left Red Bay at 2:10PM. We are spending the night at the mTexas T TV Park in Cornersville, TN.

We are back on the road.

Hugs, Larry & Marilyn

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