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Blog: 2012-12-14

The other day, Dennis Hill sent me an email reminder.  He said for me to Blog, that it had been over a month.  So, I will put something together.

Most of the past month has been about doctors, dentists, etc.  They started out as normal yearly checkups.  However the dentist wanted to replace a crown due to decay.  It required a root canal, then a temporary crown, next it will be a crown and a partial plate.

Our physicals went well, except Marilyn has a headache (me).  Sleep doctor wanted a new sleep study.  Now I will get a new CPAP machine.  In January, I will have carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand.

We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with Marilyn’s Cousin (Paul, 87) and family.IMG_20131128_141635_154IMG_20131128_141701_023IMG_20131128_144420_986IMG_20131128_144454_042IMG_20131128_150328_776IMG_20131128_180333_970

Marilyn has decorated the motorhome for Xmas.IMG_20131129_151422_455IMG_20131129_191033_127  We have done most of our shopping, and now have to wrap them before we go to our Son’s home in Columbus, GA for the 23rd to the 27th.

On the 12th, we, along with Larry & Carolyn Jarvis, went to Busch Gardens for two of the Christmas Shows.IMG_20131212_111239_502  We ate lunch at the Desert Grill so we could watch their Christmas show, but it was so active that the picture is blurry.  DSC02786  Then we went to the Christmas Ice Show. DSC02788DSC02789 We had a minstrel entertain us before the show actually started. DSC02791  This Christmas tree was taller than me. DSC02792  While walking around, we saw these Pink Flamingos dancing around as a group. DSC02793-001  Then, before heading for home, we took a train ride around the park, and we saw Giraffes, Rhinoceros, and deer like animas .  DSC02795DSC02797-001DSC02799-001DSC02800-001DSC02801-001

We have also attended some of the Sumter Oaks RV Park activities (breakfasts, dinners, etc.)

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