Sunday, November 10, 2013


Wednesday, the 5th, Marilyn started going to the activity center for exercise after our morning walk.  For dinner we went to Howie’s for all you can eat spaghetti with the Halliday’s and Larry Jarvis.  Thursday was the SKP lunch in Clermont at the Golden Corral.  Many of the approximately 40 were from Sumter Oaks, but we also got to see some new folks and several from the area we had not seen since last December.  Eye doctor visit at 2pm.  Marilyn doesn’t need new glasses, and mine are not a great change, but I will get new ones that are not scratched.  Friday Marilyn went for her m’gram and a stop at Publics.  We talked to Doug, and wished him a Happy Birthday.

Yesterday morning we went to the activity center at 8am for breakfast – scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, and grits.  At 8:30, we drove to the Tampa airport to pick up Carolyn Jarvis.  Marilyn spent the afternoon making a delicious pea soup.  We had 8 of us for cocktails and dinner – Halliday’s, Jarvis’, Tobin’s, and ourselves.  In addition to the pea soup, we had salad, and a pasta casserole to welcome Carolyn back.

Type at you later.

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