Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We had a wonderful day at Busch Gardens again today.  Larry & Carolyn Jarvis went with us again.  We all wanted to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra with The Diamonds show, and they did put on a great show.

As we were entering the park, we noticed that they grow the kids big here in FL.IMG_0301

Then it was time to see some of the larger animals.  The alligators were large enough that we were glad that they were on the other side of the fence.IMG_0302

The gorilla made such a nice picture that I sent it out with a message “meet your cousin”.


After these animals we stopped to see some birds.IMG_0304IMG_0305

We also took a ride on the train around to Stanleyville to get our tickets to the Glenn Miller show.  For lunch we went to the Zambia Smokehouse where we had beef brisket sandwiches on flatbread.  They are a do again, although next time we will share one.

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  1. Great pictures...looks like a happy kinda day!