Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Today was a great day.  We are on the road.  Nobody called to have a tax return done.  Of course arriving at Olde Mill Stream RV Park, 11 miles away, we had to set up in the rain.

On the Road.  Moved to Olde Mill Stream RV Park in the rain

Still, it is a great place to hold the Escapees Chapter 27 Spring Rally.  A rally begins with Registration:

 2011-03-28 DSC02181 registration2011-03-28 DSC02182 registration2011-03-28 DSC02185 registration

Then, during the rally, we have to adopt and take pictures of those who are attending a Chapter 27 rally for the first time.

 2011-03-28 DSC02189 adoptions2011-03-28 DSC02190 adoptions2011-03-28 DSC02191 adoptions2011-03-28 DSC02219 adoptions2011-03-28 DSC02220 adoptions2011-03-28 DSC02221 adoptions

What is a rally without a social hour at 4:00PM.  2011-03-28 DSC02196 social hour2011-03-28 DSC02197 social hour2011-03-28 DSC02198 social hour

After Social.Hour we have to eat, and Pete Petersen made another delicious Hobo Stew.  He starts with meat and onions and spices, then he adds the cans of veggies furnished at one can per attendee at the rally. 

2011-03-28 DSC02205 Hobo Stew2011-03-28 DSC02209 Hobo Stew2011-03-28 DSC02211 Hobo Stew

After dinner  it is time to chew the fat before retiring to our rigs for the night.  2011-03-28 DSC02222 social time2011-03-28 DSC02225 social time

Have a good evening.  It has been a great day.

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