Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yesterday was our last day of touring Washington DC.  Some went to the Smithsonian museums for the day, and others of us toured some of the monuments as well as one of the Smithsonian’s.  Marilyn and I saw, in the daylight this time, the World War II, Lincoln, Korean and Viet Nam memorial.  We also spent two hours in the American History Museum.  Viet Nam was still too depressing, so I only took pictures from the ends.

Today, we had a great Continental breakfast, said our goodbye’s and drove to Front Royal, VA where I took a nap, and we started on paperwork, etc.

This one was taken out the windshield of the bus.


The Washington Monument taken from the World War II memorial.


The Jefferson Memorial as taken from World War II.


This is he Pacific entrance to the World War II memorial followed by one from inside,



Next we went to the Korean War Memorial



This is the Lincoln Memorial


And of course the Viet Nam Memorial


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